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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 2, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> hi, this is big george foreman and you're watching "fox & friends." it's a knockout in the morning! >> good morning, everyone. we have eric bolling with us today sitting in for steve. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, brian. >> you get a lot of face time on the preshow. just sitting there by yourself. you look so lonely but gretchen points out this is a herman cain tie? herman cain wears a yellow tie every single day. it looks nice with his skin, that's what he says. let's get right to your headlines this morning. fox news alert. wikileaks founder julian assange will be extradited to sweden where he's accused of sexually assaulting two women. it's not clear when assange will be sent to sweden. assange's lawyers says he's afraid that country will hand them over to the united states. a swedish prosecutor says that's not going to happen. u.s. investigators have wanted to get a hold of assange since
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wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of classified documents last year. world stocks hedging higher at this early hour after a roller coaster start to the week. investors are hoping for comfort now on the weak u.s. economy and the troubled euro zone from meetings of the u.s. federal reserve and group of 20 leaders today. big story here, why is this all happening? overnight, greece's prime minister won the backing of his cabinet to hold a referendum now on130 billion euro bailout package, a decision that's sent the markets into a tailspin including the dow here at home that's dropped 300 points yesterday. they want to let the public vote on those austerity measures. big story. >> how dare they. >> the f.b.i. foiling an elaborate home grown terror plot. the suspects, four elderly men ages of 65 to 73. they're accused of hatching a plan in this double-wide trailer in georgia. authorities say frederick thomas, dan roberts, ray adams and samuel krump were part of a fringe militant group. their alleged plan was to bomb
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state and federal buildings including f.b.i. and atf offices. they're also accused of plotting to release biological toxins throughout atlanta. >> two of the individuals purchased a silencer and material that they thought was for explosive. it was inert material provided by the undercover agents. >> a hit list was found naming several politicians, corporate leaders and members of the media who they said needed to be "taken out." more fast & furious weapons found at a crime scene in the united states. an arizona sheriff says two guns seized in a major drug smuggling bust last month are connected to that botched federal investigation. and assistant attorney general lanny brewer now the first high ranking official to admit he knew that u.s. agents were letting thousands of guns into the hands of mexican drug cartels. brewer says he regrets not speaking up sooner. >> i cannot be more clear that knowing now if i'd known then what i know now, i would have told the deputy and attorney
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general. >> so what did brewer's boss, attorney general eric holder know about fast & furious? he'll be questioned by the senate judiciary committee next wednesday. >> warsaw international airport expected to reopen today following yesterday's emergency landing of a polish airline flight. the plane was forced to land its belly after its landing gear would not open. emergency crews were standing by to help passengers evacuate and firefighters were on hand to hose down the plane. the flight originated in newark, new jersey, carrying 231 people. luckily, no one was hurt. and those are your headlines today. >> wow, and there's a lot going on internationally and, of course, at home, it's all about the g.o.p. and the race to become the nominee. more fallout from republican presidential candidate herman cain who is leading the whole pack. "the washington post" reports that one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment wants to tell her story. doug lazader has more from washington this morning. >> the cain campaign has been trying to put this issue to rest
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for some time. there are two new developments this morning creating a host of new problems. reporters and photographers, first of all, last night, staked out a washington, d.c. restaurant because herman cain was meeting there with a few members of congress. all they saw, though, was a specials board out there. cain ducked in and out of not being seen. it capped off another day of interviews for the now embattled candidate with the prospect of one of his accusers, former female employee of cain's when headed the restaurant association wanting to come forward to refute his denials that he ever sexually harassed anyone. >> there are legal implications associated with that that aren't familiar with yet. i can't give you a definitive answer on that. >> the national restaurant association won't say if they'll release the accuser from the confidentiality agreement to keep quiet for the cash payout. the woman was paid $35,000, a
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year's salary. cain told bill o'reilly that his campaign knew the story was about to break. they were still not prepared. >> but you're right. what happened was when questions got asked, some of them i didn't anticipate and i was trying to remember some of those facts in the middle of a very busy day. so you're right, could we have started earlier? so that i would have been better prepared to be more crisp with the response? yes. but i still didn't want to wait because i wanted my supporters to know that i was not about to duck this issue. >> ok. >> do you think it's hurt your campaign? >> cain continues his meetings with republican lawmakers here in washington today talking about health care and almost certainly he's going to have to talk to him about whether his unorthodox candidacy remains viable. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. herman cain yesterday, he was booked on "the special report" does it. gets a request from bill o'reilly, does two blocks but the one complication that stood out with me is the lawyers
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saying that he wants the ability to allow his client to respond to herman cain but the agreement prevents that. i'm wondering if there's going to be additional pressure put on. >> here's the thing, that lawyer has not even gone to the national restaurant association according to them to get permission to have that nondisclosure -- >> talking about "the washington post." >> the spokesperson for the national restaurant association says we haven't heard from anybody. so it seems like this guy went to the press first, the lawyer, instead of going to the place he was supposed to go to try and get release of that nondisclosure. >> add that reports now one them was paid $35,000 for whatever, the settlement is 35 grand for one of the two women. if i'm herman cain and i'm very innocent, i think i'd come up with 40 grand to let her tell her story. that's really what this is all about. she can't tell the story or she's got to pay back the $35,000. >> seriously. >> there's no legal implication of her talking. so whatever comes up with 40, might get that story.
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>> all right. keep that in mind. see if there's another chapter, you have to give it to herman cain to come forward and not duck anything. at 6 minutes after the top of the hour, this is something i'm surprised he wasn't asked yesterday. how do you feel about fannie and freddie executives getting over $13 million in bonuses for that losing organization? one senator is coming forward. >> john barasso says what's the deal with this? after fannie and freddie, mortgage giants, government owned now received $170 billion in taxpayer bailouts, now 10 execs are going to break up that $12.8 million. here's barasso. >> i'm calling on the president of the united states to cancel those bonuses and explain to the american people, the taxpayers who bailed out freddie and fannie why he continues to reward failure. >> very interestingly also, this whole financial regulation bill that obama pushed through last year got it signed into law, it exempts fannie and freddie so
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they can continue to get bailed out. they can continue to take taxpayer funding like you point out $170 billion so far and, you know, $5 billion, a quarter here, $3 billion here. it continues to be a failing proposition but they're going to pay these executives in one case $3 million, the guy is leaving. $2 million in bonus and a million dollars, $900,000 salary plus $2.3 million in bonus. why? why? >> the thing that gets me is they only had to reach modest performance goals. modest. >> what is that? >> show up to work? >> didn't they crash the entire housing market and now they only have to reach modest performance goals? that's not usually the way it works. jay carney, the spokesperson for the president was asked, will the president step in now. he's spoken openly about wall street bonuses. will he say the same about these? >> the white house does not have a role in assigning pay for this independent agency. >> but you know who does?
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the federal housing financing agency created in 2008 in the summer to oversee things like this. and when harry reid was asked -- this is what i mean when i was saying yesterday, this is not a democrat or republican issue, it's bipartisan. harry reid said i'm speechless when i heard about the bonuses. i can't even put it into words his outrage. that's what he came forward saying. and the president looks kind of hypocritical if he doesn't come forward. i know he's busy now in europe because he said this when it came to wall street bonuses. >> not an accident of history that led us to this situation. there was some irresponsible decisions that were made on wall street. i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers. >> wall street to take these risks without a fear of failure because they keep the profits when it was working and as soon
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as it went south, they expected you to cover their losses. they threatened the whole economy and they threatened your dreams, your prospects, everything that you worked so hard to build. >> can i point something out? between the two of them, $170 needey're going to needake $2 n bos whnot,ou know, these yo-yos down on wall street protesting fat cats on wall street and banks, they should really be on the doorsteps of fannie and freddie. they should be given an example of what they don't like. but they've got their targets. >> we'll talk about that later on as far as how it's affecting jobs down there. >> one more point. the guys that destroyed fannie and freddie are gone. they came in after the collapse. >> the ceo is leaving, too, with this big bonus, halderman. >> they brought in after they got it -- >> by the way, franklin raines who left in 2004 and 2005 as the
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housing market was collapsing on the basis of easy loans from fannie and freddie, he took home $90 million and then we end up supporting and bailing them out to who knows what the number is going to be like when it's finished. >> less controversial topic. the house has reaffirmed the official u.s. motto. you know what that is? in god we trust. it's kind of sad, actually, i think, that the house actually has to vote on this but they do and some people actually found it in their hearts to vote against this. let's show you the list of people who do not want the united states motto to be "in god we trust." jerry nadler, democrat from new york, congresswoman chu, democrat california, also in california stark, virginia, scott, also from california, honda, must be a trend in california to not what to vote -- >> and democrats. >> there's one republican on the list. >> no idea why it was necessary to vote on this. it was 396-9 overall.
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what about the two voting? don't have an opinion. >> don't want to be pinned down in believing in god we trust. it's crazy that even as brian says to have to have a vote on this. that's the era that we live in. >> coming up straight ahead, is this the government's latest weapon in the war on terror? taxpayer money sending elmo to the middle east alone. >> in 2008, the media was wary to report john edwards' sex scandal. how are they treating herman cain? >> i guess you know this story, it's being reported that two female employees complained of sexually suggestive behavior by herman cain back in the 1990's. all this time he's been running as a republican, it turns out he's really a democrat. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm!
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>> g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain saying he knows who is behind the recent sexual harassment allegations. >> because i am an unconventional candidate running an unconventional campaign and achieving some unexpected unconventional results in terms of my -- the poll, we believe that, yes, there are some people who are democrats, liberals who do not want to see me win the nomination and that could be some people on the right who don't want to see me because i'm not the "establishment" candidate. >> is there more to this story? like the media's role in all of this. why is the press being quick to report on cain's alleged scandal when it took them nearly one year to report on john edwards? joining us now to discuss this and more, former advisor to bill clinton and contributor at fox news and author of this book "revolt." dick morris, do you see a double standard with this approach?
3:17 am
>> sure, i do. forget john edwards, they never covered the sexual harassment aspect of bill clinton's relationship with gennifer flowers. he admitted he had sex with her and he got a black woman fired from her job in arkansas state government and replaced with gennifer flowers and a year later, the civil as much as board said it was illegal. >> but john edwards is sitting there with a staff he is he's having a relationship with and a kid on the side and it took until he was eliminated from competition. >> let's talk about cain. i believe what we have now is an anonymous allegation by a woman who refuses to stand -- or two women who refuse to stand up and take questions who will not specify what it is that he did to them. and we're supposed to dismiss a guy running for president based on this. and we're dealing here with an offense. everybody agrees there was no rape, there was no touching, there was nothing. the question is did he gesture
3:18 am
or say something that made her feel uncomfortable? what kind of standard is that for us to use in dismissing a person running for president. >> what about the fact that now the lawyers are coming forward saying please release my client to speak about the incident now that herman cain has come out and given his side of the story? >> sooner or later, she obviously will. eric had a good point a few minutes ago that somebody else may pay the 40,000 bucks, 35,000 bucks is not a gigantic settlement when you get a real sexual harassment suit against a really important public figure, it runs to the 6 and 7 figures. $35,000 is chump change for this kind of stuff and let me just say, why should herman cain call upon the association to release something he knows to be a lie? >> he's already come forward and said i've never harassed anyone. >> we have enough lies going on in our politics. don't have to add to it. >> i want you to stick around. we have more to talk about. dick morris talking about the number one story on the g.o.p. side anyway and that's herman cain.
3:19 am
meanwhile, are you following what's happening in greece? you should. the people there are about to vote on something that could cost the american economy and the u.s. has a new soldier in the war on terror. this guy. elmo taking a trip to pakistan to fight extremism and guess what? you're paying for him and his puppet master but not that guy.
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>> some quick headlines. brand new video of the assad
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military base in iraq where hundreds of u.s. soldiers boarded a flight home this morning. this is the first stage of our military's withdraw from iraq after more than eight years, the last of our troops set to be home by january. and everything must go. solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt besides our giving $535 million, that's taxpayer money auctioning off all its assets today, everything from herman miller office chairs to solar panels, not sure who wants those. the government will have to wait to get any of its money back, private investors will get first dibs on the auction. >> unfortunately, it was a devastating day on wall street yesterday. the dow jones prum plummeting nearly 300 points and the overseas markets taking a hit as well. >> greece's prime minister wants greek residents to vote against the e.u. bailout bill and if
3:24 am
greece defaults, some say that could crash the u.s. economy. >> we're rejoined by dick morris. >> i don't think he wants them to vote against it. he wants them to vote on it. >> wants to vote on it. he wants the backing. his supporters own a part but this has caught many by surprise. big week this week, bad week this week. what can we do if we arrive for the summit? >> let's put the greek situation into perspective. it's not only important what america -- merkel and sarkozy did. >> the leaders of germany and france. >> they did not say that greek's debt is our debt. you're part of europe, you borrowed money, we'll be liable for it. if that happened, this whole crisis would go away. i couldn't help thinking back to george washington and alexander hamilton when we had to pay off our revolutionary war debt said exactly that. virginia had paid off its debt and massachusetts hadn't and george washington, a virginian said if massachusetts owes the money, i owe the money, and if
3:25 am
they really meant a european unit, that's what they should have done and what's going to happen now is the greek public may well reject this. if they do, they'll probably leave the euro zone, they'll default. that will bring huge pressure on italy, spain and portugal. >> to do the same. >> a whole country going into default. we all remember lehman brothers going into default so what would it mean? we know what that did to the market. what would it mean if an entire country goes into detaugfault? >> it means a huge amount. you have a lot of french and german banks that have lent money. you have a lot of american banks that have let them money. the important thing to realize about greece, it doesn't make sense for them to be in the euro because when they're in the euro, their products are more expensive in germany and germany's product are more expensive there because they can't devalue. it's one currency. >> they could get bailed out. that's why it makes sense for them. >> you could make the case with
3:26 am
the other economies as well. i would agree with you, i don't think there's any way the greeks are going to vote -- thumbs up on a bailout on this referendum. that means they'll to have austerity measures in place. they've already rioted and said we don't want any austerity measures. can i point something out? you're 100% right. the ripple effect will be massive. look what happened monday, m.f. global, a major player in the commodities markets lost $3 million on greek debt. directly on greek debt. >> it's not just greece. >> once you question the notion of sovereign debt, last one we had was argentina is 15 years ago. a major european country defaulting. everybody then is going to be freaked about italy and spain and portugal, ireland, maybe france and this whole thing could come crashing down. you're quite right, when you look at what lehman brothers did, imagine what greece can do. >> imagine who is there to save the day. >> hopefully not us. hopefully not us. this is the silver lining in
3:27 am
this whole thing. >> the french are asking -->> i wouldn't bet on it. >> ok. great to see you in person. we'll meet your dog. >> tomorrow -- my wife and i -- we have written a children's book called "dubs, our dog goes to wash" to talk about the greatness of america and dubs, our golden retriever will be here at 7:50 tomorrow morning. >> if dubs revolts, you would have two great books. >> exactly. >> thank you very much, dick. illegal immigrant is accused of murdering a child but he was already deported once. what happened? >> why is the f.b.i. now on the case of former new jersey governor jon corzine? well, eric was alluding to it a moment ago. stuart varney will break down that case. >> but first, happy birthday to jay black. the singer turns 73 is it? endless shrimp is our most popular promotion
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>> time for your shot of the morning. here it is. this sign that is over a bean field in nebraska that reads "wal-mart salutes you, our heroes. "a group of wal-mart employees
3:32 am
in the area have been making signs for the past 10 years to help lift the spirits of our nation's heroes. >> fantastic. i hope they don't get in trouble for doing it. you never know. >> not in nebraska. >> i hope not. >> now to the headlines. illegal immigrant is charged with the murder of a 10-year-old oklahoma city girl. police say jose sufentas abducted jasmine gonzalez while she was sleeping in a first floor apartment and then stabbed her to death. a knife with blood residue was found inside his s.u.v. dogs picked up his scent near where the body was found. he is a distant relative of the girl. he is with his family visiting relatives in texas at the time of her death. >> lawyers in the conrad murray case taking the day off so they can prepare the closing arguments for tomorrow. michael jackson's doctor did not testify in his own defense but he's apparently had plenty to say in a secret video diary he's reportedly shopping to major tv networks.
3:33 am
"the new york post" reports that murray hired a production company to document his side of the story during the trial. a source says the network that buys the film also gets a sitdown interview with dr. murray. >> special honor for former president ronald reagan. 9 foot tall bronze statue of him stands at reagan national airport in arlington, virginia. it welcomes travelers to the original airport terminal. this is the last of four statues not around the world in celebration of the late president's 100th birthday. president reagan was a champion for national transportation safety. all right. forget about the drone attacks and diplomatic sanctions. america's new weapon against terrorism, elmo. >> elmo is so happy to see you. you're elmo's friends. >> starting this month, elmo will be spreading his love in pakistan. the u.s. government sending $20 million in taxpayer money to bring "sesame street" to the muslim nation. the idea is for elmo and his
3:34 am
furry friends to teach religious tolerance as opposed to fundamentalism. >> i thought elmo just taught you to count. no idea he was going to do all that. after months of being humiliated with divorce proceedings, the los angeles damageers are now for sale. frank mccourt has reached a deal with baseball to get rid of the team. it is one of baseball's crown jewels auctioned off in bankruptcy court and baseball hopes to have a new owner before opening day. what about mark cuban? he offered to buy the team from a court earlier this year but mccourt's asking price was too high around a billion dollars. cuban says he's interested in the dodgers if the price is right. twice he's been turned down. finally nice running a kickoff back for a touchdown, isn't it? how about twice? take a look at tommy lee lewis of northern illinois as they take on toledo. lewis, from the goal line. off to the races. 100 yards in the opening play. we wanted it at normal time.
3:35 am
stuart varney wanted to do a segment. he's not done. after he ties it at seven, lewis again flocks, no flags. 95 yards. he'll go the distance. they win by a final score of 63-60. both teams play without linebackers. finally, we don't like to mix sports and politics. one democratic congressman has done just that. bobby rush has said the ncaa is like the mafia. at a forum on college sports, rush said "i think they're one of the most vicious, most ruthless organizations ever created by mankind. i think you can compare the ncaa to al capone and the mafia." sorry, geraldo. he heard from parents of student athletes that said their kids were mistreated by schools after injuries. coming up later, karl rove will be joining us in the studio. ryan lee and condaleeza rice will be up but first, she's going to be on "fox & friends." >> three guests with four letter last names. >> that's incredible, eric and i
3:36 am
should have promoed that. >> ryan leaf, what's he doing? >> selling a book and admitting the error of his ways, the biggest bust in nfl history. >> i lost a bet on that, too. m.f. global, the wall street trading firm headed up by former new jersey governor jon corzine is filing for bankruptcy after millions of dollars go missing. >> now, federal regulators are looking into the possibility that mr. corzine used customer funds to support some risky bets on europe. he's here. >> hi. >> stuart, very interesting. m.f. global is probably melting down because of the greek crisis but corzine ran m.f. global, he was on board, he ran the place and i know for a fact that a lot of friends, in fact, on the board there said he was very instrumental on the trading aspect of what they were getting involved in. >> he said that no way a european country is going to go down. therefore, he lent them money by buying their bonds.
3:37 am
he was flat out wrong. down went the bonds in price. down went m.f. global. and at the last minute, as that company was going under, approaching bankruptcy, reportedly, allegedly, he used money from customer accounts, that's private money in a private account, took the money out and used it to back up the bad bets that he'd made on europe. ok? now, that's the allegation. totally unproven. >> when did that happen? >> that would be in the last few days, maybe in the last week and clearly, that company, jon corzine's company was going down. >> is that criminal? >> it would be criminal unless he got the permission of the client to do so in advance. >> the way this works is there's a wall, it's called segregated funds. those funds have to be separate from any other trading activities and apparently, what happened is not necessarily did they lose that money but they may have used the money to put a margin. >> $600 million is still unaccounted for. they're still looking for it. they're camped out at m.f.
3:38 am
global headquarters looking for the money. >> this is a huge deal. what i understand in your world, jon corzine going from goldman-sachs and governor of new jersey to this company is like going from the major leagues to triple a. why did he even go there? >> well, i don't know why he went there. maybe he wanted to re-establish himself on wall street. he made his money, $300 million at goldman-sachs, got into politics, u.s. senator, governor of new jersey, lost the governor's race to chris christie in new jersey. wanted to go back to wall street. so he goes to m.f. global, a relatively small fund and he basically wanted to make it into another goldman-sachs and he put all of his reputation and his ideas behind doing that. he was convinced there's no way european countries are going to go down. >> was he alone in that? or did other funds do the same thing? >> we don't -- that's a good point because we don't know! we don't know if there are other funds out there which have also backed the europeans and are losing big time. we don't know. maybe -- >> that could be catastrophic
3:39 am
for our economy. >> catastrophe is a heavy word. it would be very bad news for the financial system if there were others losing that kind of money. >> you know what -- it almost begs, shouldn't we just let this kind of be cathartic? let them do what they're going to do and let all the companies that are invested there take the hit that, look, it's a risky proposition. you want to bet on europe, go ahead and bet. >> not with the other money. >> you and i disagree because you don't like bailouts of any kind, don't bail them out. i say you can bail out the banks and that's the only bunch you should bail out because banks are special. >> i would -- look, they don't act -- look, i should let him know. >> it's a big argument. i've lost a lot of friends over there. >> walk in alone every day. no one around you. >> occupy wall street. >> still have a lot of viewers and they'll be watching you at 9:20 a.m. on the fox business network. >> that i am glad to hear, gretchen. fine promo. thank you very much. >> they'll watch you, they just don't like you. >> that's not true! i like you, stu, see you
3:40 am
tomorrow. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, a u.s. border patrol agent will spend two years behind bars for doing his job, arresting a drug smuggler. the drug smuggler was given immunity and a visa for staying in the united states. the details next. >> story we're following closely, catholic university accused of discriminating against muslims by having crosses on campus in classrooms. coming up, new details about the man who is waging that complaint. he's no stranger to controversy.
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3:44 am
>> quick headlines. mexican drug lord busted in arizona twice in two weeks. he got caught hauling $1.6 million worth of heroin and meth and get this, justin bieber might be singing more than just baby, baby, baby, he could be having one. he's 11. the 17-year-old superstar slapped with a paternity suit demanding he take a d.n.a. test? a 20-year-old woman says she's pregnant with his baby. a spokesperson for bieber says the claims are false and meanwhile, justin just sings in the background like he doesn't have a care in the world. >> interesting information on a story we've been telling you about. george washington university professor recently accusing catholic university of violating the human rights of muslim
3:45 am
students. why? because they don't have a prayer room that doesn't have catholic symbols. remember it's a catholic university and the muslim students aren't choosing to go there but get this, none of the students has ever filed a complaint on their own. so why is the professor making such a stink? turns out that's his m.o. joining us now is fox news medical a team member dr. keith ablow. dr. keith, so the gentleman is filing a lawsuit on behalf of muslim students who don't care about the lawsuit. >> well, let's take a psychological perspective on this. what he's doing is a classic passive/aggressive move. he's painting these -- he's appropriating them as victims. they haven't come forward and said we feel victimized. he's appropriating them and then he's becoming incredibly aggressive towards catholic university saying i'm going to do something to dilute your tra -- tradition and your freedom of
3:46 am
religion. i'm going to insist you set aside space on your campus that doesn't reflect that tradition. that's an incredibly aggressive move. >> what happens, then? do they say oh, yeah, we don't have a room and sign on to the lawsuit? >> by his standards, what a great weapon against religious freedom in america. all you do is you identify those institutions that assert their faith. they welcome, by the way, at catholic university students of every faith. they allow them to pray. these -- this lawyer simply says, well, we don't like that the cathedral, the basilica looms over the entire campus so here's a tragedy, you complain at any religious institution why isn't there a separate space that doesn't reflect the tradition? and that thereby kind of sticks a dagger in the heart of catholicism or judaism or anywhere this professor chooses to target. he's a highly violent, aggressive fellow. >> let's take a listen to the
3:47 am
professor from hannity last night. >> what's wrong with asking catholic university to set aside one tiny little room so that 100 or so muslim students who pray five times a day have a place where they can go? >> let me ask you about that. >> it's a christian thing to do. >> let me ask you about that. >> has he gone after catholic university by the nature of that being catholic university? i assume there's hundreds if not thousands universities across america that don't have a special muslim praying room, right? >> sure. he's going after catholicism essentially because he could have walked into any church and said hey, this is unfair! look at all the christian symbols on the walls. and after all, there are religious icons everywhere. there should be a place where people can come to pray in this church that doesn't reflect catholicism or christianity. preposterous but boy, painting yourself as a victim and then doing such an aggressive thing
3:48 am
as to tear down the tradition of a great university seeking to harm no one and only educate people is an incredibly aggressive move. psychologically reflecting his willingness to go to extremes in order to do harm. >> private institution, by the way, i think we should point that out. thank you, dr. keith ablow. good to see you again. u.s. border agent in prison for roughing up a drug smuggler. the smuggler's punishment, immunity and a u.s. visa. why is the doj siding with him? the congressman that wants eric holder to answer that next. plus the occupy wall streeters want to change the economy and now they might have. they put 21 people out of work. that story next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> the case of a u.s. border patrol agent jesus diaz creating a firestorm. recently, sentenced two years behind bars for what the department of justice calls improper restraint of a suspected mexican drug smuggler. the department of justice prosecuted diaz despite the fact that he was cleared of any wrongdoing in two separate reviews of his case and while diaz was sentenced to prison, the suspected drug smuggler whom diaz allegedly roughed up given full immunity and a u.s. visa in exchange for his testimony. 15-year-old kid. joining us now is congressman duncan hunter calling on u.s. attorney general eric holder to fully explain the doj's decision to prosecute the border agent. good morning to you. >> good morning.
3:53 am
>> those cases from a few years ago. why is this happening on u.s. soil? >> that's what we're trying to figure out. we're working -- remember, it happened under president bush. this is happening under president obama so i think it's kind of an issue of the west texas district attorney's office or u.s. attorney's office run amok. it's unsafe in my opinion to be a border patrol agent or a federal agent trying to enforce the law in west texas because the u.s. attorney's office there wants to go after our own guys as well giving immunity to the bad guys and i'm not sure why this is but we're trying to find out. >> so you've written a letter to the attorney general eric holder. have you had a response? >> no, we haven't and i'm not sure that's a rare thing not
3:54 am
having a response from this attorney general. >> ok. let's put this story in perspective now. this is a 15-year-old illegal kid coming across the border, smuggling how many pounds of marijuana in his back? 75 pounds? >> 75 pounds. >> 75 pounds of marijuana on his back. you have this border agent who apparently pins him down and puts handcuffs on and then he is accused of roughing up this kid, right? >> yeah, and there was not a single mark on this kid's body. there wasn't anything -- nobody was shot, there was nobody shot in this case. there was no marks on the kids. this agent was cleared twice of any wrongdoing whatsoever. this is simply a case of an overzealous u.s. attorney and wanting to go after our own guys fortunately -- it's unfortunate. >> according to the border agent's wife, she's also a border agent and she had this to say. her reaction to this court's ruling. >> we were very astonished.
3:55 am
we actually thought that he was going to get cleared because there was no way they could find him guilty when it's a common procedure to lift handcuffs when somebody is being incooperative. his family was very set back. his kids don't know where he's at so for them, life is just continued. it's -- it's been difficult. it's been very difficult. >> i believe she also went on to say in that interview this was standard protocol to do what this agent did as far as putting the handcuffs on this suspect. needless to say, in the second trial, it's my understanding that this border agent actually lied on the stand or that was the accusation so that's why he's actually going to prison. it's a little complicated here. who wants to be a border agent in west texas anymore if this is going to continue to happen? >> i don't know. certainly not me and i think, too, what is part of the pressure on this u.s. attorney's office is coming from mexico.
3:56 am
mexico puts pressure on our u.s. attorney's office. they then in turn prosecute u.s. border patrol agents to appease the mexican government. i think that has a role to play here, too, and like i said, we're going to try to get some oversight here and try to find out what's at the bottom of it. >> while the border agent is going to go to jail for two years, the 15-year-old kid smuggling in drugs is now going to is a visa to live here in the united states. >> and smuggle in some more drugs. >> thanks for briefing us on this case. >> thank you. >> coming up on our show, qaddafi is dead and condaleeza rice says you should thank president bush in part for that. the former secretary of state here live this hour. when the plane crash landed in poland, who was the first out the door? a man who left his woman in the dust? what would you do? stick around. we'll be right back. my doctor told me calcium
3:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's november 2nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us this morning. herman cain in the hot seat as new developments keep coming out. one of the accusers looking to give her side of the story? we will have a live report for you. >> all right, more people forced to occupy the unemployment line. a restaurant forced to retire 21 people. tell them to go home because protesters have shut down and hurt that business! that story is coming your way. >> and so much for ladies first. the man leaves his woman behind to be the first person off the plane? what would you do? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, this is kathy ireland.
4:01 am
you're watching "fox & friends." >> kathy ireland, you must know her. she's very wealthy but a great businesswoman, is that right? >> that's right. made most of her money after her modeling career. >> she's made a fortune actually on all of her homegoods and clothes and that sort of thing. we have a question for you this morning -- do you have any questions about student loans or how to pay them off? simply e-mail them to us and later this hour, dave ramsey, our financial guy, is going to answer them for you. >> and the best way to pay off your student loans. >> don't pay them. >> rich uncle pays them off. this morning, we are learning about greece. why do we care about greece? well, because greece's bailout last week where we understand one of the key components was 50% of every dollar that was -- that they owed was just thrown out. so they had a feasible situation for greece to not go bankrupt and therefore, our stock market went up. for the last two days, we've
4:02 am
lost 500 points in the stock market because the prime minister wanted to give a thumbs up for him and a thumbs up on this referendum. and this thumbs up, his vote comes, his confidence vote comes this weekend. >> he wants to allow the greek people to actually vote on this whole measure that was sorted out with the other european nations. specifically, germany and france who were going to bail out greece so now it's going to go to the people of greece. keep in mind, remember that video that we've been watching out of greece this last year, people are protesting in a big way. why? they don't want the austerity measures. i'm not saying i'm in favor of the people there because they get to retire at a really young age and get, you know, full pension. that's how the country got into the state that it's in. but now, it's going to go -- the vote is going to go back to the people. >> more importantly, the deal is that if they're going to get bailed out by germany and france, that the austerity measures have to be put in place. so they have to retool at what
4:03 am
age you can retire, how much time off you get and so forth. and so the people will likely vote this down. very shaky stock market, 600 points in the last couple of days. if it continues and goes to referendum, you can see substantial losses over here as well. >> what's unbelievable to me, do the greeks understand there's no good solution? i mean their other solution is to default and go back as a country and say i am out of the euro. >> more importantly, italy, spain, portugal, three more kun countries may be in as bad of shape as greece. the european country starts to default, it will have an impact here massively. >> put it in perspective for how the u.s. is affected by the situation. >> m.f. global company just went bankrupt on monday or tuesday of this week. had huge ties to greek debt so all these banks and various trading institutions loaned money to the various countries
4:04 am
in europe because the return is so good. it's so risky, you get a high rate of return. it looks very good to your clients and people that you're managing money for so they continue to do that. problem is when there is a default, when there is a failure or when it just looks like there's going to be one, the value of it goes down so much, it takes and wipes all their assets out. >> and that's why we have a down stock market right now. we'll keep our eyes on that story. in the meantime, other headlines and a breaking story. wikileaks founder julian assange should be extradited to sweden where he's accused of sexually assaulting two women. that ruling come last hour from a judge in london. it's not clear when he's going to actually be sent to sweden. assange's lawyers say they're afraid that country will hand him over to the united states. a swedish prosecutor says that's not going to happen. u.s. investigators have wanted to get a hold of assange since he published hundreds of classified documents. f.b.i. foiling an elaborate home
4:05 am
grown terror plot. the suspects, four elderly man ages 65 to 73. they're accused of hatching a plan in the double wide trailer in georgia. frederick thomas, dan roberts, ray adams and samuel crump were part of a fringe militant group. their alleged plan was to bomb state and federal buildings and they're accused of plotting to release biological toxins throughout atlanta. >> two of the individuals purchased a silencer and material that they thought was c-4 explosives. it was actually inert material provided by the undercover agent. >> a hit list was found naming several politicians, corporate leaders and members of the media who they said needed to be "taken out." more fast & furious weapons found at a crime scene in the united states. an arizona sheriff says two guns seized in a major drug smuggling bust last month are connected to the botched federal investigation. and assistant attorney general lenny brewer now for the first time the first high ranking official to admit he knew u.s. agents were letting thousands of guns into the hands of mexican
4:06 am
drug cartels. brewer says he regrets not speaking up sooner. >> i cannot be more clear that knowing now if i'd known then what i know now, i should have consulted the deputy and attorney general. >> what did brewer's boss, attorney general eric holder know about fast & furious? he'll be questioned by the senate judiciary committee next wednesday. check out this video from utah where a man is behind bars after taking this front end loader, that is, for a joy ride. when the operator of the loader got out to clean some mess off the road, the suspect jumped in and took off. the low speed chase ended when a man went off a 6'embankment and crashed. he allegedly stole two other cars earlier that day before getting caught and those are your headlines today. >> all right. 6 minutes after the top of the hour. more fallout from republican candidate herman cain this morning. "washington post" now has this report, that one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment wants to tell her
4:07 am
story. doug lazader has more from washington this morning. hey, doug. >> good morning. the problems keep coming for herman cain. he's spending a lot of time having to refute these allegations and now it's possible, at least, that we may hear from one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment back in the 1990's when he headed the national restaurant association. "the washington post" says the woman and her attorney want the association to release her from a confidentiality agreement so she can refute cain's denial that he ever sexually harassed anyone. cain wouldn't say much about it when he spoke to fox news. >> found out about this today. there are legal implications associated with that that i'm not totally familiar with yet. so i can't give you a definitive answer on that. >> the national restaurant association won't say whether they'll release the accuser from this agreement to keep quiet in exchange for a cash payout. also this morning, "the new york times" says that a woman was paid $35,000, a year's salary at the time to quietly leave the organization back in the 1990's.
4:08 am
cain told bill o'reilly his campaign knew this story was about to break but still, they were unprepared. >> you are right. what happened was when questions got asked, some of them i didn't anticipate and i was trying to recollect -- i was trying to remember some of those facts in the middle of a very busy day so you're right, could we have started earlier so i would have been better prepared to be more crisp with the response? yes. but i still didn't want to wait because i wanted my supporters to know i was not about to duck this issue. >> an attorney for one of cain's accusers tells nbc news this involves more than one incident between the woman and herman cain and he indicated that she does want to speak out because cain has spoken out. and in fact, her attorney believes that cain has already broken this confidentiality agreement by discussing this. so we'll see what happens next. back to you guys. >> all right, doug. thanks. by the way, herman cain and his wife gloria, there's a strong
4:09 am
rumor that she'll be on -- they'll both be on fox news with greta on friday, i believe. maybe they'll come out and talk about this in more details and certainly bring another chapter to it. >> very quickly, whatever happened 12 years ago, irrelevant. what's relevant is they had 10 days to figure out a response -- they knew this was coming and this is what they've come up with. honestly, there's lawsuits settled all the time because fighting it would cost more than settling it, not admitting guilt or guilt, whatever, irrelevant, why wouldn't they come up and say look, these allegations are unfounded. we didn't want to fight it. it would cost more to fight it. end of story. we wouldn't be talking about it. >> he's been all alone for three days. clearly a one man -- >> we have speculated at the beginning this was part of a grassroots campaign where you don't have those, you know, storied politicians in place who are used to damage control. and this may be an example of it. in the meantime, let's talk a little bit about jobs in america because you know this occupy wall street situation has been going on now, what is it?
4:10 am
six weeks down on wall street where they're sleeping in the tents and shacking up and doing a bunch of other stuff, now, could it be that the protests down there are really not affecting the bankers inside those buildings but they're actually affecting people who used to sympathize with those protesters like some of the small businesses down there? guess what, one of them has had to lay off a lot of people because people can't get through the barricades. they don't want to come down there right now. >> mark epstein is the owner of the cafe, he took out a loan to expand his business because it's been going so well. it's been going so poorly between the drums, the smell, the stink and the police barricades he has to tell 21 workers, you're done. i can't bring you back and i got to close at 3:30 in the afternoon. i can't afford to stay out later. >> there are businesses who say these occupy wall streeters are walking in with bags with, you know, feces and urine and they want to dispose -- it's
4:11 am
terrible. these people need to go away. i'm not sure -- that whole movement, this means they're in favor. this means they're against. have you seen any of the interviews with these people? there is no cohesiveness -- what's the message. >> now the message is people are losing their jobs. here's a statement from the owner. ultimate irony of occupy wall street is that wall street has become deserted. not occupied. the banks and others that they are trying to hurt have not been hurt at all. instead, it has hurt city tourism and main street people on wall street who are all 99% not the 1%. isn't that ironic? >> it's ironic but it's a fail by bloomberg. he should just step up and say, look, enough is enough. get out of here. you want to come back and bring it -- do it again next year, get a permit. >> democratic speaker sheldon silver backs that up. this is as incredible as it gets. you have a plane that lifted off from newark and landing in poland. they realized they were having problem with the landing gear. for 45 minutes, they were up in the sky. when it came time to land, they had no -- they had no wheels.
4:12 am
they landed on the belly of the plane at which time they saw some flames and they knew they had to get out of that plane in a hurry and the blow-up slides are ready to go. >> let me ask the two guys on the set. if you're on this plane with your girlfriend or your wife, do you help your girlfriend or just jump down the slide as soon as possible and leave her in the dust. >> here's the question, is she hurt? can she get out on her own? as long as she doesn't have a bad ankle or injury, i'd say i'll meet you downstairs. you know i love slides, honey, i got to go. >> how about mr. chivalry? >> the question is if it was your girlfriend or wife? are you married at the time? i'm kidding! >> come on. >> if you want to -- >> you know what they say -- you know when the oxygen comes down, put it around yourself first before you help your friend. >> oh, my gosh! >> here's the bottom line, make sure your dog gets out first and then i guess my wife is next. >> your dog? >> the dog.
4:13 am
>> the dog is in a cage in the belly of the plane. >> believe me, if we were sinking in a boat and she had one to pull out of the water and myself, my son and my dog, my son first, the dog and i'm left -- >> right. >> let me say this, to ground you to the story of this, this couple actually argued about that, that the father was saying me and my wife got out. no, you didn't even look for me. you jumped out and you didn't wait for me! >> i need to tease your wife. she wants to know about the dog. >> qaddafi is dead and condaleeza rice says we should thank president bush for that. the former secretary of state here live. >> a government panel for this, another government loan energy went to waste. should we cut our losses and run? how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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4:17 am
>> adding to the growing list that you're seeing right now, of green companies that received government loans and have failed, so how bad is this for the administration? and has the green energy boondoggle just begun? steven lieb is here, president of lieb capital management, no relation. and author of "red alert." lauren ashburn is the former editor of ganett broadcasting. lauren, to you, how bad is this for the administration to have another company go down in flames? >> i think it doesn't look very good especially for the department of energy. there's a manager or group of managers within the government making some bad decisions. and they need to be held accountable for these. >> and steven, the government comes back and says listen, we have to push the energy forward. we have to get off of oil. what choice do we have?
4:18 am
>> you don't have much choice but you're not doing very much about it. you really can't blame the administration as much as you blame congress and everyone else. we're -- these companies are not just fighting other companies. they're fighting a government. they're fighting a country called china. china is undercutting everyone in solar and they have gone from nowhere to 60% of solar. >> that might be so. you can't just blame congress. it was the administration proposals that calls for the stimulus packages and it was the department of energy that gave these loan guarantees out. >> angela, what i'm saying is that we have no policy in this country. we have let china seize ironclad control of both wind, solar, now destabilization. >> let's say those are the facts that china has -- >> that's absolutely the facts. >> so why do you write -- why do you give our money to these companies that can't possibly be successful? >> but the point is that you're giving money, at least in the
4:19 am
case of deacon power $70 million were already given by private companies. $70 million so you're not taking that big of a risk when you think, ok, $70 million has already been contributed. >> we've given $43 million in guaranteed loans. they filed for bankruptcy. now, they still can make money but you have solyndra. i believe that this is pandora's box being opened, you're going to find more companies. >> i have to -- >> totally missing the point. in my opinion, we have to view this situation with china like a war. basically, there are only so many resources -- >> money after that, though. >> money after that. >> let me ask you a question. >> real quick -- >> have to do something and what they're doing is not nearly enough. >> haven't lost enough money? >> wait. if this country -- >> we need to make smarter investments auto. auto much bigger investments. i hate to say it. >> bigger losses in the formula -- >> i don't -- sadly, we haven't
4:20 am
solved this problem. we've introduced it and angered a lot of people because we've gotten their blood boiling which is our goal. stay right here. we have another topic. they're being rewarded for failure. why are fannie and freddie executives getting multimillion dollar bonuses? our panel will weigh in on what we can do about it. is the student loan bubble about to burst? can you have a successful future without going broke? finance expert dave ramsey is here. he graduated college and he even paid attention. [ male announcer ] every day, thousandof people are choosing advil®. here's one story. [ regis ] we love to play tennis. as a matter of fact it was joy who taught me how to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains and one way to relieve them all is to go right to the advil®. i have become increasingly amazed at regis's endurance. it's scary sometimes what he accomplishes in a day. well i'd rather not have time for pain
4:21 am
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it's shiny. it's practical. and, it's smart. (laughs)
4:23 am
>> now your news by the numbers. first, three, that's how many glasses of wine each week could increase your chances of
4:24 am
developing breast cancer by 15%. the brand new study from harvard marks the first time even a small amount of alcohol has been linked to the disease. next, $5. that's how much bank of america customers won't be paying for debit card fees. the bank now scrapping the proposed fees after a firestorm of customer complaints. and finally, $12 million. that's how much money the discovery channel sank into oprah winfrey's cable network last quarter. but it didn't seem to help. network still reporting major financial losses. uh-oh. >> don't worry, they got rosie o'donnell. fannie mae and freddie mac both massive failures that perpetuated the housing crisis and had to be bailed out by taxpayers but don't worry about it. their executives will only receive $13 million in bonuses this year. how does that happen? we're back with our political panel to discuss it. angela, steven leeb and lauren ashburn. let's start with you, angela, we gave you a little less time last time. how outrageous is this?
4:25 am
>> it's very outrageous that we're giving our tax dollars for bonuses and the ceo let's leaving made $900,000 last year in salary. and he's receiving $2.3 million in bonuses. now, from where i used to work for a corporation, bonuses were based on the good job that you did. >> performance and merit. >> and they're failing. >> i just think it utterly feeds into this kind of anger we see on wall street. i don't approve of those protests. i agree they're hurting a lot of small businesses but there is so much anger not only in this country but in every developed country in the world from israel to italy. >> what gets me. what gets me is they say in order to be able to attract top talent to these organizations, they have to pay them this money. so -- but there are tons of executives out there who would love to take that kind of a job. >> absolutely. >> by the way -- just to clarify, the federal housing financing agency created in 2008 cleared the bonuses and they're the ones that sent it.
4:26 am
but -- >> to regulate fannie and freddie. so they actually cleared those bonus bonuses. >> and they're saying they're going to do something about it. there's nothing being done about it and they're talking about, you know, comparatively to the market so government -- government agencies are going to get the same salaries as the marketplace? >> independents like when people talk in a bipartisan way. this is an opportunity for the president to come out and express the same outrage with this group as he did with wall street. >> big fat cats. >> they're getting the same bonuses that wall street are getting. where's the president? >> but he's not. >> think what the president gets, he gets $400,000? why are these clowns both getting millions and millions and millions of dollars? >> somebody said there are a lot of people that would take these jobs for very little money. that's my point. >> that was my point. >> because it's public service. this is a desperate situation, our housing very industry in this kunlt. -- country. >> they're making money on the
4:27 am
backs of people that are going under. >> a lot of democrats support freddie and fannie. >> you're a brilliant panel. you'll all wonderful people with differing ideas. i'm glad you promised not to agree and lived up to that promise. thanks a lot, guys, coming up straight ahead, when we come back, president obama getting a lot of credit for taking down qaddafi but former secretary of state condaleeza rice says what about president bush? she is in the studio or very close and explaining next. then turn your brown eyes blue. a new procedure bringing new meaning to the song. apparently, you can now adjust your eye color for good. would you? finally i can get magenta.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> ♪ why don't you babe ♪ get out my life >> they say smoking cigarettes will kill you. guess what? can save you, too. take a look at your shot of the morning. a cigarette lighter being credited with saving a man's life. police say three men tried to rob a 22-year-old man on long island halloween night. when he ran away, they shot at him. the bullet hit the lighter that was in his pocket saving his life. the man walked away with just a bruise on his leg. >> wasn't even a zippo.
4:32 am
i could say a zippo deflecting it but a bic that costs $0.99? all right. the former secretary of state is in the wings. let me tell you what's happening in the news. >> illegal immigrant charged with murdering a 10-year-old oklahoma city girl. police say jose fuentas abducted jasmine gonzalez while she was sleeping and stabbed her to death. the knife with blood residue was found inside his s.u.v. and dogs picked up his scent near where the body was found. authorities say he is a distant relative of the girl and he was deported once before but then regained entry into the united states. gonzalez was vacationing with her family in texas at the time of her death. brian? >> brand new video out of assad military base in iraq where hundreds of u.s. soldiers boarded a flight home this morning. this is the first stage of our military's withdraw from iraq since we invaded the country nine years ago following the attacks on 9/11 and afterwards. senior airman jasmine surette one of the soldiers on her way
4:33 am
home right now. >> i'm a part of history and to know that i'm leaving iraq a more stable country. >> the last of our troops in iraq are expected to return home in january. >> how would you like to call 911 for help only to be told sorry, the cops have no gas money. that may have happened in north carolina. police say they may answer fewer calls if they can't get $30,000 worth of gas money for their patrol cars. >> huh? >> like to live in a safe neighborhood and don't see much crime there but always a concern without police on the streets and always a comfort to see them patrol through the neighborhood. >> cops may actually stop responding to some 911 calls. stop random patrols and investigate fewer misdemeanors. gretch? >> now, it's what you call
4:34 am
crystal gale syndrome. she actually has blue eyes but if you have brown eyes and want to make them blue, a doctor in laguna beach, california says he can help. he's developing a laser technology that can remove the brown pigment from the surface of the iris and underneath the brown layer, everybody has blue eyes. he says the $5,000 procedure doesn't damage vision and the change is permanent. it should be available in the u.s. in about three years. >> i'll let you know what i decide. >> all right. and finally it's official. after months of being humiliated with divorce proceedings and bankruptcy, the dodgers are for sale. embattled owner frank mccourt made a deal. major league baseball, get rid of the team. the dodgers are great and they've been in bankruptcy court. baseball hopes to have a new owner by opening day. mark cuban, why not him? he wanted to buy a couple of teams. didn't get them. he says mccourt's asking price is too high, around a billion
4:35 am
dollars. eric has that. cuban says he's interested in the doneers -- dodgers if the price is right. you don't like to mix sports and politics but one congressman has. bobby rush says the ncaa is like the mafia. he said it's one of the most ruthless organizations ever created by man kind. you would compare them to al capone and the mafia. rush heard from parents of student athletes said their students were mistreated by schools after having injuries. one of the top sports fans, condaleeza rice, would you be kind enough to take it from here? >> this is college football, here you go. impressive running back of a kickoff from a touchdown. not once but twice. madam secretary, tell me what you think of this. tommy lee lewis of northern illinois. take it away. >> you'll see it as the video rolls in. he's fast.
4:36 am
>> yeah. >> takes on toledo. lewis would not run back one but two 100 yards to open the game. 7-0 northern illinois but he's not done. after he ties it at seven, lewis again, no flags. any thoughts on this? >> is he available for the stanford-oregon game? >> i don't think he can transfer mid season. >> a huge game. the game of the century coming up this week. >> lsu-alabama. i'll be there. i will be there. absolutely i'll be there. >> alabama you're pulling for? >> i'm pulling for alabama although i have to say my father was from baton rouge so i'm a crimson tide fan, though. absolutely. >> you want everyone in the stadium to buy your book. >> not a bad idea. >> does president bush deserve credit for -- some of the credit for the fall of libyan dictator muammar el-qaddafi. condaleeza rice wants to talk about that and she has it in her brand new book. >> 741 pages, no higher honor and joins us here live now.
4:37 am
very interesting timing that the fall of qaddafi would happen because you believe and write about in your book that president bush really laid the groundwork for this sort of freedom movement all across the middle east. >> what we're seeing is the best of american foreign policy which is that you have to sustain over a period of time in order to deal with big issues. and so the freedom agenda which president bush championed and i tried to carry out was a note that authoritarianism is not stable. people will be inclined to seek their rights, no man, woman or child should live in tyranny and we're seeing that unfold across the middle east. >> you know, secretary, i was on tv right after bin laden was shot. also right after qaddafi went down and we saw the white house, obama administration taking the victory lap for that. i remember when there was a changeover from bush to obama, there was this big discussion on what the intel was going to be and they were going to look to do -- to use other means but
4:38 am
then once he got into office, mr. obama, he decided to keep a lot of the infrastructure in place that you guys had established, is that right? >> yeah, because the presidency is sobering. once you're in the oval office and you actually have responsibility for protecting america, you think differently about how you might do that. and clearly, the infrastructure of being able to interrogate the detainees, khali shaikh mohammed gave us an awful lot of information about how al-qaida operated. the courier that ultimately led us to usama bin laden, we learned about in 2007. now, i fully give president obama credit for taking a really tough decision, for he was probably told, well, maybe there's a chance he's there. maybe he's not. but a lot of the infrastructure was indeed in place. that's a good thing. >> what's different now is the fact that they're killing al-qaida members which a lot of people agree with but we don't know how the prosecution would prosecute them. that's one thing they haven't taken from the playbook of your
4:39 am
administration. >> i understand the policy of drone strikes to the northwest frontier. it's pakistan, kind of ungoverned territory so it's good to take al-qaida leadership off the playing field however you can do it. >> all right. i like to talk about more -- there's so much in your book. talks about, you know, the fact that your dad was around to know -- long enough to know that you were joining the white house. he was a president bush fan and he -- you had that great feeling but he couldn't be there for the eight years. but when you talk about conflict once in office, it seems as though through this book, there's clashes. polite sometimes. sometimes not so polite with the vice president of the united states and the former secretary of defense. between the two, i think rumsfeld's was probably the most serious. why is it that you guys were friendly but didn't work well together? >> people have very different views, substantive views. these conflicts weren't personal, i want tound undersco that. when you're in a tense environment, people's personalities are going to come
4:40 am
to the fore and don has been a friend of mine for a very long time. he's kind of grumpy sometimes and maybe that gets heightened. maybe i'm a little bit tough sometimes. maybe that gets heightened. but we were able to get a lot done. obviously, it would have been better if things had gone more smoothly. >> do you believe the surge would have worked if it was secretary of defense rumsfeld not gates who presided over it? >> i think the problem is when you've had a very long period of leadership that's associated with one strategy, it's hard to change strategy with the same leadership. it's not don or george casey, it's the fact that they were so associated with the old strategy. i was very pleased to see general petraeus come in and bob gates, the secretary of defense. >> how disappointed are you there's no deal in place and all our troops are leaving? was that a deal in your mind that could have been done? >> well, we did have a deal on immunity with the iraqis after -- before we left office. i don't know why those terms weren't acceptable. i would have preferred to see a
4:41 am
residual force stay there, it would have kept the iranians at bay but i was struck by what the soldier said on the little piece just before this. we are leaving a more stable iraq. we need to make certain that we keep helping the iraqis so that this stable, more democratic iraq in the middle of the middle east will change the character of that volatile region. >> let's bring the discussion back home. it appears that you agree with most americans that have a disdain for congress right now. i think the latest approval rating for members of congress was 13%. i guess that means you won't be running for office. >> no, i won't be running for office. i understand how hard it is to be in washington and to be in congress. it's pretty tough. >> you write about your clash with barbara boxer that dates back to your support, perhaps, of republican candidates in california. here's some of that clash. >> i'm not going to pay a personal price. my kids are too old and my grandchild is too young. you're not going to pay a particular price, as i
4:42 am
understand it with an immediate family. so who pays the price? the american military and their families. >> and that was back from 2007. i believe she alluded as she went on in that discussion that maybe you wouldn't understand the death of american soldiers because you have no children of your own. >> right. and i sat there thinking this has got to be one of the most bizarre statements i've heard. first of all, what a terrible insult to women that somehow if you're going to be in a position of leadership, you have to have children in order to understand sacrifice. i just thought it was absolutely bizarre. >> you let her have it. >> well, yes. >> before i let you go, one of my co-hosts on "the five" dana perino absolutely made sure that i said hello to you and what a fantastic person you were to work with. she tells a quick story. you weren't allowed to drive while you were in the white house, is that right? security reasons? >> that's right. >> and you had to give her a ride in your golf cart once and she was petrified you were going to crash.
4:43 am
you haven't had much experience. >> i've learned to drive again, everybody should understand that. >> now you're back out at stanford. everybody should pick up a copy of the book, you've put a lot of work into it. it's very heavy condi. >> it's less than 100 pages a year. think of it that way. >> alabama or lsu? >> alabama. yeah. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you very much. >> meanwhile, what happened to the 12-year-old pranksters who dropped a shopping cart on a woman's head? can we call them criminals? that debate next. >> is the student loan bubble about to burst? are today's students destined to go broke? finance expert dave ramsey here to answer your e-mails. >> first, your trivia question of the day -- what's better than gold ?
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> so who's is on the hook for them? the taxpayers, that's who on the hook for them. any student loan forgiveness program is basically the
4:48 am
government again paying for stuff for people. >> so what advice -- not telling our viewers don't pay your student loans because the government is going to take care of it in 20, 25 years, are you? >> no, absolutely not. the way you get rid of a student loan is like any other debt, you get very angry about it and you say that's it. i'm going to change my personal life. i'm going on beans and rice, rice and beans, we're not going on vacation and we're going to pay this stupid thing off and you can't just keep it around like it's a freaking pet. you've got to hammer this thing to make it go away. >> dave, another quick e-mail from scott from washington. he says dave, i've consolidated my loans but with an interest rate of 3%. i don't see why i should pay it off early. it seems like the extra money i would put towards the other loans would be better invested. what do you think of that? in other words, if you have a 25% interest rate on a credit card but your student loan is only 3%, shouldn't the money go to the credit cards first? >> probably because probably the credit cards are a smaller balance. and we're going to continue to pay off the smallest balance
4:49 am
regardless of interest rates first using what we call the debt snowball. scott, that's a false logic. you do not need to borrow money on student loans to invest. that's crazy! and in effect by investing instead of paying off student loans, that's what you've done from a balance sheet perspective. you need to clean them up as quick as you can. >> if i have the opportunity to pay it off early, should i pay off my student loan early? >> always pay it off as soon as you possibly can. >> ok. we'll have to leave it there. dave ramsey, thanks a lot. >> was it a prank or something criminal? kids tossing a grocery cart off a ledge nearly taking a woman's life. how should the 12-year-olds be punished? there's a debate next. and on this day in 1987, tiffany had the number one song with "i think we're alone now." [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> answer to the question of the day, stephanie powers, of course. the winner is from camp hill, pennsylvania. congratulations. a prank gone wrong or a criminal act? a 47-year-old was walking with her 14-year-old son after buying candy for monday's halloween festivities when, according to the police, a red target cart was dropped by a pair of 12-year-olds from a walkway four stories high. the preteens now face juvenile charges for that act. here to debate on what should be done with the minors is the fox news contributor and defense attorney and trial attorney remi spencer. ok, arthur, are you going to
4:54 am
defend the kids or say they should be treated as adults? >> there's a middle ground. >> ok, what is this? >> they should be prosecuted as juveniles, that's what they are. that's the only thing that the law allows. juveniles can be prosecuted as adults in murder trials. god bless -- god willing, there's no murder here. the woman is -- i just checked, she's in critical but stable condition. what the prosecution is going to look at here, gretchen, is what was their intent? was there intent to throw the cart off and hear a big boom and a bang? which then they definitely should be prosecuted on the lighter end of things. or were they like hey, there's a kid our age walking with his mom. let's see if we can hit him with the cart. now you have a whole different thing and the punishment should be different. >> every parent is watching this right now, wow, i might have a 12-year-old or my kid eventually will be 12. they do prank. they were throwing slushies over the side and somehow they graduated to a shopping cart. where do you fall on that? >> i think the word prank is
4:55 am
critical to the analysis here because they are children. or the understanding of the consequences. >> some 12-year-olds kill people, though. >> that's absolutely right and, of course, as arthur said hopefully god willing this woman is going to recover and she's going to be just fine. but it's hard to imagine that a 12-year-old could have any concept that this shopping cart incident -- >> i don't know about that! i hope that that's not what they were thinking. but do i think, look, it's easy to think what you'd do in a water balloon or someone that's not going to hurt someone. it then gets graduated to this extreme case, you would pray that the 12-year-olds, look, in this day of video games and stuff like that. they know that you throw a shopping cart -- >> maybe they don't because everything in their life is made up. but let me ask you this -- apparently, they were laughing when they were brought into the police station. does that have any bearing on how you look at this case?
4:56 am
>> not at all. number one, they weren't brought into the police station immediately after this happened and this poor woman was injured. second, they're children. they didn't understand the nature of the severity, i should say of their acts. that's exactly why our criminal justice system allows in the juvenile cases for rehabilitation vs. punishment as we see in these cases. >> maximum punishment here is 18 months in a juvenile detention center. that's the worst. >> let's see what happens and, of course, we are all hoping that this woman fully recovers. that was a pretty toned down debate today. >> i know. i was trying to be nice. you're in purple. that's a calming color. >> if i wear yellow, you'd treat me harsher. >> let's go! >> next time. thanks to both of you. coming up on the show, mississippi wants to ban abortions no matter what the circumstance. can a state do that? the governor of the state here live next hour and congress just confirmed our nation's motto will remain "in god we trust" but lady liberty, cover your ears. not everyone voted yes. we'll show you who disagreed. why do we have to vote on this?
4:57 am
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5:00 am
because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's november 2. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. are you following what's happening in greece? you should be 'cause the people there about to vote on something that could crash the american economy. investors here are watching the clock. >> eric: in god we trust, well, at least some of us do. almost all the house voting to make that our national motto again. who voted no? it may be your congress person. brian? >> brian: u.s. border agent in prison for arresting a drug smuggler and it's punishment, immunity and a u.s. visa? what's up with that? "fox & friends" starts, when? >> gretchen: right now. >> good morning, "fox &
5:01 am
friends." good morning. >> gretchen: that's how busy it's been here today. >> brian: it's been insane. even our panel continues to debate to the green room. the former secretary of state in the hall and arthur who is a little loud. >> gretchen: he's italian! >> brian: you can't generalize in front of chris, also an italian. >> eric: what are you trying to say? >> gretchen: that i love italian. brian is half italian. >> eric: me, too. >> gretchen: that's right. and half swede. sorry. didn't want to not include anybody. let's do the headlines. new videos of wikileaks founder julian assange after a judge in london ruled he should be extradited to london where he's accused of sexually assaulting two women. he made a brief statement moments ago. >> i have not been charged with any crime in any country. despite this, the european arrest warrants is so
5:02 am
retributive that it prevents u.k. courts from considering the facts of a case. >> gretchen: it's not clear when he will be sent to sweden. the f.b.i. foiling an elaborate home grown terror plot. the is thes were four elderly men, 65 to 73, accused of happening a plan in this trailer in georgia. authorities say the four men were all part of a fringe militant group. what did they want to do? paperly bomb state and federal buildings and accused of plotting to release biological toxins. >> two of the individuals purchased a silencer and material that they thought was for explosives. it was inert material provided by the undercover agent. >> gretchen: a hit list was found. it named politician, corporate leaders and members of the media. more fast and furious weapons found in a crime scene in the u.s. arizona sheriff says two guns seized in a major drug smuggling bust are connected to the
5:03 am
botched federal investigation. assistant attorney general, now the first high ranking official to admit he knew about the program. >> that knowing now, if i had known then what i know now, i would have told the deputy and the attorney general. >> gretchen: his boss, of course that, is attorney general eric holder, he's going to be questioned again by the senate judiciary committee next wednesday. herman cain on the defensive this morning. now one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment wants to speak out. the woman has asked to be released from a confidentiality agreement that's keeping her from doing so. but her lawyer tells nbc that since cain has been seeking openly -- speaking openly about it, he believes she can as well. >> i do believe that his remarks are a violation of the confidentiality provision of the settlement agreement. >> gretchen: mr. cain disagrees because he says during an interview last night, this.
5:04 am
>> you haven't already violated the terms of that confidentiality agreement for those women? >> absolutely, because i never used their name. one of them i didn't even know the name, and the one that i was familiar with, i never mentioned the person's name whatsoever. so i don't believe that i have. >> gretchen: also new this morning, one of the accusers reportedly got a $35,000 payout, equivalent to one year's salary. those are your headlines. let's talk about the economy right here back home. eric has a business background and now we're looking focused on the country of greece because apparently the prime minister there is going to allow his people in that country to vote on that country rescue package that europe was going to bail out that country. now it may go down in smoke. >> brian: because it was a breath of fresh air and we thought we had a short-term solution to the problem in europe and now we find out greece wants to vote on it. why did the markets react so negatively? >> because the original thought
5:05 am
was that germany and france were going to help greece out, make sure they didn't go into default. now they're going to leave it into the hands of the greek people who frankly, it's pretty much a socialist economy saying, you guys decide if you want austerity. they've been fighting against it for the better part of two years now. i'm guessing this is going to go down in -- >> brian: which means the loan goes by the board? >> eric: because the loan was tie to do austerity measures being put in place. the problem is now what? if it does fail and there is fallout amongst greece d it spill into spain and italy? certainly who in the u.s., which u.s. banks are holding all those foreign sovereign debt, greece, spain, italy, part goal, they could be in trouble. >> brian: for the first time in modern history, we go to a g-20 summit and everyone is waiting for not the u.s. to arrive, but for china, because they want $150 billion from china to bail them out, but that would give china unbelievable leverage. >> eric: what happens if you
5:06 am
bail out greece or portugal or any of them and you don't fix the problem? you don't tie it to shoring up your whatever system retiring at 50 years old and the other things and all the benefits? if you don't fix that part of the problem, you may bail them out now, but they're going to need another bailout the next time the stock market or real estate market goes south. >> gretchen: that was germany's point of view. >> let them fail. >> gretchen: germany's point of view because germany is one of the more solvent countries in europe and therefore, they always feel the responsibility to shoulder that debt and sort of help out this other country. what will that do for the united states? we've seen the stock market tumble. >> eric: it will. it will get hit. the banks will hurt and they'll probably turn to congress and say, help us out again. but unless you fix the underlying disease that's killing the body, you're just masking the symptoms. you're taking nyquil for cancer. bailing out prolongs the agony.
5:07 am
>> brian: we'll see what happens. there will be a vote on saturday. we'll see if the prime minister gets the vote of confidence. the house is done with their important stuff. now it's time to vote on their motto. yesterday that went forward. "in god we trust" is the motto. did it pass the house by two-thirds majority? >> gretchen: it did. why do we even have to vote on this? >> brian: i don't know. >> gretchen: is that phrase still on our money? i think it is. really kind of is troubling to me that we actually have to take a vote on whether or not this should continue to be our motto. >> eric: it's been on our coins since 1864, on our print money, the bills since 1957, i believe, when it was originally declared a national motto. it just had to be reupped. but the interesting part is nine congressmen and women that voted no, that it shouldn't be. >> gretchen: here they are and here are some of the excuses. instead of facing these challenges and creating jobs to
5:08 am
help american people make sure they have a roof and food, we are debating whether or not to affirm and proliferate a motto that was adopted in 1956 and under no threat of attack. that was one of the excuses why. let me just put this theory out there. let's say we didn't have that motto for the united states right now. it would never pass! in this culture we live in now. , can you imagine if somebody went to the floor and said let's have the united states motto be "in god we trust. it probably wouldn't pass. >> eric: especially when you have professors suing a catholic university. please, you're right. >> brian: if you have a different slogan. let's say it wasn't our slogan anymore. do you have a new mott foe for this -- motto for this country? e-mail us and twitter. >> gretchen: restore america. that's a good one. let us know if you have a different idea or should we just keep it what it is? let's talk about this very troubling story about another border patrol agent, this is in west texas. a couple of years ago, there
5:09 am
were two border agents who were sent to prison because they shot an illegal immigrant coming across the border in his rear end and they ended up going to prison for this. they were prosecuted by the department of justice there in west texas. now it's happening again to a gentleman named mr. diaz. he may face two years in prison because he apparently roughed up a 15-year-old illegal coming across the border with 75 pounds of pot on his back. now that kid is getting a u.s. visa and the border agent is going to jail. >> brian: representative hunter was on with you a short time ago. he's upset about the borrowedder and upset about this. >> it's unsafe to be a border patrol agent or federal agent trying to enforce the law in west texas because the u.s. attorney's office there wants to go after our own guys while giving immunity to the bad guys. and i'm not sure why this is, but we're trying to find out. >> eric: not only that, we put
5:10 am
2500 guns in the hands of mexican drug lords. >> brian: how is that working out, by the way? >> eric: not working up well. so you rough them up a little bit, i don't have a problem with it. >> gretchen: this case is a little more complicated because apparently in the second trial for whatever reason, this mr. diaz, the border agent, lied on the stand. so that's techiccally why he's going to go to jail now. but the basis of the original case is what has people upset about it. >> brian: it's bad -- that gives a bad name for smugglers. who would think a smuggler with pot on his back would lie on the stand. here is the border agent's wife. >> we actually thought that he was going to get cleared because there was no way they could find him guilty when it's a common procedure to lift handcuffs when someone is being uncooperative. his family was very set back. his kids don't know where he's at. so for them, life has just
5:11 am
continued. it's been difficult. it's been very difficult. >> eric: so let me get this straight. this drug smuggler breaks the law by crossing the border, then breaks it again by having 75 pounds of pot, and a border agent gets on the stand and lies, whatever, but he's going to spend time, but this kid is going to what, now get a visa to stay here? >> gretchen: that's a report. he has been granted immunity and granted a visa. >> eric: so he can testify against the border agent? this is the most screwed up story. >> gretchen: well, the wife of this border agent who you just heard from, she will be on our show tomorrow. we'll get more clarification on exactly where this case is headed. >> brian: coming up, mississippi wants to ban abortions no matter what the circumstance. can a state really do that? the governor of mississippi, haley barber live. >> eric: you probably saw this plane crash landing in poland yesterday, but did you see the first person -- oh, boy -- jump off the emergency exit. a man who pushed his wife out of the way. what would you do?
5:12 am
>> gretchen: re rack the tape
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> gretchen: it's fair, it simplifies the tax system and pro growth. that's what our next guest says about a national flat tax. governor of mississippi, haley barber, joins me now to explain why he thinks it may be a good idea for america. good morning to you, governor. >> hey, gretchen. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: of course. so we have two candidates on the gop side who are talking flat tax. herman cain and governor rick perry. let's take a look at some of perry's proposals, which is the option of paying the current individual tax rate or the 20% flat tax. and of course, there would be a
5:16 am
wh that?orate flat tax. >> well, first of all, the flat tax is simple. one of the things wrong with our tax system today is it's incredibly complicated and compliance costs are astronomical. second, it's fair. it's fair and people who spend more, which are normally people that make more, they will pay a higher tax. that is, they will pay more in taxes than somebody who makes less. the other thing is, it's pro growth. if you look at the closest we've done with this in my lifetime, it was a reagan tax reform. we went to two rates, not one. 15 and 28%, and it spurred growth in the u.s. economy. in fact, it came in the middle of a period that we had the biggest economic growth in any quarter century in the history of the world. >> gretchen: right. so i guess that would be a piece of advice to gop candidates if haley barber was giving it. you like the flat tax idea. i want you to look at the recent polls. i'm sure you know what they say. this one has herman cain on top
5:17 am
and romney in second place. now gingrich seems to be moving up. he's at 12% compared to 24 and 20%. what other piece of advice would you give to these candidates right now? >> i think the campaign is about issues. one thing rick perry has done to right his ship is talk about issue, energy policy. you mentioned he talked about tax policy. that herman cain helped himself early on, whether you think the flat tax or the 9-9-9 tax plan is perfect, talking about policy is what's important 'cause at this election next november is about obama's policies and the results that they've produced, the republicans are going to win the election. we need to make this election about policy. >> gretchen: okay. let's talk about a policy in your state, in mississippi, that's going to come up on the ballot next week. it's called personhood, but it has to do with abortion. explain this policy to me. what will be on the ballot?
5:18 am
>> well, a group has come together and they have an initiative under our initiative law that asks that we change the constitution of mississippi to say that life begins -- this is where i think we have some concerns -- life begins at fertilization, cloning or some other description. i'm somebody that believes life begins at conception. and that's one of the reasons that i'm pro-life. but a lot of pro-life people have problems with this particular language. i think if this said life begins at conception, period, it would get an overwhelming majority. however, there is concern that this is ambiguous and there is even an enormously pro-life state like mine, there is some concern about this. frankly, i wish the proponents had just gone to the legislature and said, we'd like for you to
5:19 am
change the law to say that life begins at conception, it would have sailed through our legislature about 100 to 10. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, because i'm limited on time. can a state even do this? there is a federal law on the books regarding abortion. >> it does not overrule roe versus wade. we are subject to the preemption clause of the u.s. constitution, the supremacy clause, federal law is superior here. the proponents, i think, are hoping that this will be a bridge to a supreme court case. frankly, some of the opponents are afraid of that because they think this is not going to be a winning case that they can get a better case than this. >> gretchen: very interesting. that will be on the ballot in your state of mississippi next week. governor, always appreciate your time. thank you so much for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: coming up next on the rundown, what would ben stein do to fix our economy? that's a loaded question. he's got a couple of ideas, but
5:20 am
the president might not like them. then the government, government money to ship elmo to the middle east. yep. right back. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition.
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could've had a v8.
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5:23 am
>> brian: glad you're up. quick headlines. the first wave of u.s. soldiers pulled out of iraq on their way home this morning. new video shows the troops boarding a flight out of the assad military air base a few hours ago. the withdrawal is set to be complete by january. a special honor for former president right hand reagan. he got a nine foot tall bronze statue at the reagan national airport in virginia. this is the last of four statues built around the world in celebration of the late president's 100th birthday.
5:24 am
>> eric: thank you. he's the richest man in america and supports president obama. so what does bill gates think about taxing the nation's top earners? listen? >> clearly you can't raise the taxes we need just by going after that 1%. yes, i'm generally in favor of the idea that the rich should pay somewhat more, but to really deal with the deficit that we're talking about, that alone is not going to be enough. >> eric: joining us now to weigh in is economist and author of the book "what would ben stein do," ben stein. the cool thing is you can ask him anything and he'll tell you about it. talk about that a little bit. bill gates says maybe buffet is not right about, i don't know -- >> i don't think he says buffet is wrong. what he's saying is we've got to do that, raise taxes on the very rich, and not do 50,000 a year. way richer than that. and then raise taxes on other people by somewhat less, and then cut government spending.
5:25 am
the government waste is out of control, but that's not going to be enough to do it either. we're going to have to have a long-term program, tax raises on the upper and middle class and the very rich and cutting government spending. there is way too much waste. >> eric: you and i were talking, but the one thing that -- the big elephant in the room right now, unemployment, entitlements. >> right. social security is going to have to be means tested. it's an outrage of people who are millionaires and billionaires who can get social security, at least it's an outrage to me. i happen to know that medicare is means tested. but it is a further outrage that many millions of americans, or several million americans, who are getting unemployment compensation are not seriously looking for work, are creating it as a -- treating it as a paid vacation. too many of them are treating it as a paid vacation at the expense of taxpayers.
5:26 am
people have got to learn the dignity of work. that is a lot of what my book is about. people have got to learn the dignity of work. it's not a burden. it's a pleasure to work. >> eric: dignity of work, it's not a burden, it's a pleasure to work, we have a few hundred people occupying wall street who don't seem to get that. maybe you should show them a copy of your book. >> i think what they would do is probably dump some of their excrement on me if i did that. they're down there pounding on drums, leaving their feces on the ground. what good does that do? they want to stop fraud on wall street. let them work to stop fraud on wall street. they want to have a less greedy american, let them read the bible. that's all about greed. >> eric: they don't like any of the crony capitalism and the fraud and what not, but then we read yesterday where the top -- fannie mae and freddie mac leaders are going to make bonuses. >> that does very little for us. and the previous occupants of
5:27 am
the jobs got paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. that has got to stop, too. fannie mae and freddie mac at one point performed a very valuable service. not so much anymore. the idea as their executives are government employees with those millions are ridiculous. the government does many valuable things. i respect more than anything i can say, police, firefighters, military. but it also is sucking way too much out of us. >> eric: remember i told you you can ask ben anything. >> go ahead. >> eric: can you give us a bueller? >> bueller, bueller. bueller. >> eric: all right. thank you ben stein. >> thank you. >> eric: they're being rewarded for imcompetence. why are fannie mae and freddie mac execs now getting multi million dollar bonuses? then when that plane crashed in poland, who was the first one out the door? a man who left his woman in the dust. what would you do? we're reading your e-mail, not my wife's e-mails, but your e-mails next. [ horn honks ]
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>> president obama had his annual physical, doctors say
5:32 am
he's in excellent health. except his blood pressure. it's 70 over 14 trillion. >> gretchen: a lot of stress when you are president of the united states. >> brian: but he did great and he stopped smoking. >> eric: did he? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: i'm not sure, but that's good news. let's talk about another person in politics, senator john barrasso 'cause he's calling out president obama to call off the fannie mae and freddie mac $13 million bonuses that just went out. why is he upset about it? because remember, $170 billion of taxpayer money went to fannie mae and freddie mac to bail them out. they're technically run by the government right now. many people believe that for moderate performance achievement levels that they shouldn't be paid this kind of dough. >> brian: the federal housing agency did it, a brand-new body was created in 2008. senator barrasso on what we should do. >> i'm calling on the president of the united states to cancel those bonuses and explain to the american people the taxpayers
5:33 am
who bailed out freddie and fannie, why he continues to reward failure. >> eric: the bottom line is, we're not done bailing them out. we're literally quarter to quarter, 4, 5, $10 billion continues to go in there. it's crazy. theory being if you don't pay these guys 2 or $3 million, then they'll walk or so what? really? >> brian: here is what's wrong with that theory. if your treasury secretary, do you do it for the money? if you're secretary of state, do you do it fort money? no, you go in there and fix fannie and freddie and make your career after that. >> eric: it's a broken institution. >> brian: but that could be a position if they do something to help correct it or do some positive policy movements, you don't need a zillion dollars. >> eric: it's bad policy. last week obama signs the executive order pen and if you consolidate your student loans with your home loan under fannie or freddie and you default, it gets dumped into fannie and freddie's lap, which means the
5:34 am
taxpayer's. it's unfixable. stop paying bonus force imcompetence. >> gretchen: isn't it hypocritical because the president was one of the first to come out and blame the wall street executives for getting big bonuses? remember he called them fat cats? when his spokesperson was asked if the fannie and freddie is the same, here is what he said. >> the white house does not have a role in assigning pay for this independent agency. >> gretchen: so the white house apparently not going to step in on fannie and freddie situation. but remember, here was president obama attacking wall street bonuses. >> it's not an accident of history or normal part of the business cycle that led us to this situation. there were some irresponsible decisions that were made on wall street. i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street. on wall street to take these risk without fear of failure
5:35 am
because they keep the profits when it's working and as soon as it went south, they expected you to cover their losses. they threaten the whole economy. and they threaten your dreams, your prospects, everything that you worked so hard to build. >> eric: that's your people. that wasn't obama fund-raiser from corporate wall street. >> brian: that shows you that the president has a chance to grab independents. he can come out and say, i am just as outraged and fannie and freddie which i was not aware of as i was in 2008. and that would make this look bipartisan because i know there is a few democratic congressmen who seem just as upset, including senator harry reid, says he's sick about this whole thing. >> gretchen: very interesting. let's do some headlines. brian, you get them. >> brian: illegal immigrants charged with murder, a ten-year-old with murder -- with murder ago ten-year-old oklahoma city girl. police say jose abducted the girl while she was sleeping and then stabbed her to death. the knife with blood with
5:36 am
residue was found in his suv. the dogs picked up his scent near the body. police say he's a distant relative of the girl. he was supported once before -- deported once before, but regained entry. the girl was vacations with her family in carrollton, texas at the time of her death. >> gretchen: everything must go, solyndra ma went bankrupt despite a $535 million loan from u.s. taxpayers auctioning off assets today. everything from herman miller office chairs to assembly line equipment and even those solar panels that you paid for. but the government will have to wait before it gets any of its money back. private investors who sank $70 million into the failed company get first dibs on the auction cash. why wonder why that is. >> eric: might be illegal. forget about american sanctions. american's new weapons against terrorism? elmo. >> i'm so happy to see you.
5:37 am
>> eric: starting this month, elmo will be spreading the love in pakistan. the u.s. government spending $20 million in taxpayer funds to bring sesame street to the muslim nation. the idea is for elmo and his friends to teach religion justice and cultural tolerance. >> brian: that voice doesn't go through you, it won't aggravate the pakinstanis even more. occupy wall street, a business owner in lower manhattan says it's more like occupy my job. mark epstein, owner of milk street cafe says he lost so much business because of the protests, he had to lay off 21 workers. he says the raging protesters and barricades keep them in check are also keeping customers out of his restaurant, adding the ultimate irony of occupy wall street is wall street has become deserted. not occupied. the banks and others that they are trying to hurt have not been hurt at all. instead, it has hurt city tourism and main street people
5:38 am
on wall street who are all 99% not the 1%. mark epstein, who took out a $4 million loan a few years ago to expand his business now has to lay off people and tries to sustain his business. >> gretchen: isn't that ironic? what would you do in this situation? a amazing video from yesterday where a plane leaves newark airport flying over to poland, and it makes this crash landing, as you see. luckily everyone was okay. but the emergency slides did come down and there was a story about a guy who decided to leave his woman in the dust. and he just went down the slide first for his own safety. earlier on the show we had a discussion about what brian and eric would do in that situation. do you still stand by what you said an hour ago? >> brian: i always go by what would jerry seinfeld do. here is how it looked a short time ago. >> what's that smell? smoke. everybody, i think i smell some smoke back here.
5:39 am
fire! fire! fire! >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. let me just say that last hour, brian and eric said george costanzo, that's what they would do. >> eric: you would throw your dog out, your wife and then yourself. >> brian: the dog was something you brought up. i never bring my dog on a trip. my dog doesn't pack well. here is what you say. i can say with 100% certainty that my husband would get me off first, so to speak. that doesn't surprise me as though he was a marine and i believe they will do all they can and put their lives at risk. so he does this. god bless the military. glad i married a real man. >> gretchen: mike in connecticut says this: my wife agrees with the dog's first rule. husbands come way down the list. wait a minute. those are the e-mails we picked?
5:40 am
>> brian: yes. >> gretchen: come on! >> brian: a lot of you wrote in. in times of trouble -- >> eric: miracle on the hudson. miracle on the kabasi. >> brian: but it's on hard land. bob barker calling on congress to come on down. that's right. he's in washington right now and he's here to tell you why. >> gretchen: political sex scandals can crush a campaign. look at john edwards. what does the future hold for herman cain? larry sabato looks into his crystal ball when we come back. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> brian: it's magical. herman cain is the latest politician in scandal. do the gameses have any staying power and how will the voters react? dr. larry sabato takes a look at this. so herman cain came out again yesterday. did two major shows, "the o'reilly factor," as well as the center seat on "special report." is he putting this to bed or lengthing the pain? >> well, brian, here we are back to sex again in politics. i guess it may be the best way to listen politics up or make it more interesting. every sex scandal is different. it's really important to look at them differently. in the case of herman cain, he's doing the right thing now in getting out there and at least partly telling his side of the story. the real problem for herman cain is that his campaign wasted the 11 days that they had between the notification that the story
5:45 am
in politico was going to appear and the actual breaking of the story. he needed to have all the information ready. look, i studied scandals for decades. what you need in a scandal is to get everything out at once to avoid drip, drip, drip. >> brian: i want you to look at one of the most recent scandals. john edwards, in january 2008, they had a very positive view, just 10% did. somewhat positive, 27%. neutral, 29%. somewhat negative, 12%. and very negative, 15%. by august, very positive was cut in half. somewhat positive cut in half. neutral, 28%. somewhat negative, 21%. very negative, 28%. so a lot of times people jump off the band wagon whether it's true or not in john edwards' case, it was true. who is more at risk there? women or men when something like this comes out in the herman cain case? >> women tend to jump off first
5:46 am
before men do. that's especially true for herman cain because if you look at his voter profile, his supporters are heavily disproportionately men. at least that's what all the surveys show. women are much less inclined to support him than men are. let's not stress the john edwards comparison too much. that was an extreme example. one pollster, ppp, did a study in north carolina, which is, of course, john edwards' home state and they found that edwards had an 81% unpopularity rating, the second worst ever recorded in the state of north carolina. >> brian: by the -- >> we're nowhere near there with herman cain. >> brian: gary hart had his popularity cut in half, he might have been the next president if not for the donna rice stuff. now, quick question, a lot of people think mitt romney is missing an opportunity. with governor perry having to explain a speech on friday and the problem that herman cain is having that we've been talking about for the last three days, where is mitt romney? or do you think he's doing the right thing by not doing
5:47 am
anything? >> oh, he absolutely shouldn't touch this stuff. none of the candidates should touch it. brian, the real question is, had this information -- how did this information get out? was it an operative for one of the campaigns? i hope the media will devote as much attention to that as they have to the charges. i think most people would be interested to know how these dirty tricks happen, how they get placed in the media. find out the culprits and release the information. >> brian: well, that would be interesting and that could mean more damage even than herman cain is experiencing when they find out where it emanating. in closing, in the big picture, we saw the money roll into herman cain's campaign, the biggest single day he's had since. how do you expect him to emerge from this? >> he will certainly be suffering to some degree on account of this. but i think he will survive it, assuming there is nothing explosive in those documents. this is sexual harassment. not too minimize, but that's
5:48 am
very different than an extended affair. but he has to get the information out. make this a one-week story, not a two-week or a two-month story. >> brian: yeah. and we'll see how long this one lasts, 'cause it's still alive today. thanks so much, dr. sabato. back to your kids at the university of virginia. >> they're all clean, brian. >> brian: that's good. and the crystal ball can now go back to work. meanwhile, bob barker asking members of congress to come on down. he's got something to say from capitol hill and he's here to tell us about it. first, let's check in with bill hemmer and find out what he's been doing besides watching our show. >> i tripped overboiling coming into work this morning. >> brian: he was sleeping in the hall. >> sleeping in the hallways again. >> brian: right after his business show he said, i'm going to take a shower and hop on. >> right on. i'll see you on the radio later. a leading member of government reform says he's worried the super committee will fail the country. whoa. a senator on that committee is our guest in moments.
5:49 am
and governor jan brewer leading a one-woman fight against washington. she's here live. we will see you in 11 minutes with martha and me here on "america's newsroom." ♪ [ male announcer ] evy day, thsands of people are choosing advil®. advil® helps me do what i love. the job's tough, advil® is tougher. advil® never lets me down. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. it's bring your happiness to work day. campbell's microwavable soups. in three minutes -- the deliciousness that brings a smile to any monday. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
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5:52 am
>> gretchen: couple headlines. call it the great government mailout. bipartisan group of senators will unveil a plan to save the cash strapped u.s. postal service. the u.s. ps expected to lose $10 billion this year alone. if nothing is done, it could run out of cash completely by this summer. and this is the story that may amaze some. justin baby we are might be singing more, he could be having one? the 17-year-old superstar slapped with a paternity suit, demanding he take a dna test.
5:53 am
spokesperson for bieber says the claims are false. >> brian: wow. who is going to tell selena gomez? you all know him as the host of "the price is right." but when it comes to animals in the spotlight, he says the show must not go on. >> gretchen: in fact, he marched his way on down to washington to announce a stark initiative to save animals in the circus. bob barker joins us live before a special announcement right after this show. thank you for joining us, bob. >> thank you. >> eric: are you involved in the dc crowd, are you? >> i am indeed. >> gretchen: what are you going to tell the folks there on capitol hill today? >> well, i'm here to help introduce the traveling exotic animal protection act, which would prohibit the use of exotic animals in traveling circuses and we're going to tell them why these animals suffer so, what miserable lives they lead, and why it should be prohibited.
5:54 am
>> brian: bob, how did you find out that the exotic animals were not having a good life in the circus? they seem happy. >> well, i've learned a lot from animal defenders international and the performing animal welfare society. they are experts in this field and it's a far cry from happy. in fact, 20 countries in the world had already enacted legislation of this type and more than half dozen are about to enact it and it's time for the usa to join this parade of nations. >> eric: does that include private ownership of exotic animals as well? >> no, it has nothing to do with that. this is traveling circuses. >> gretchen: bob, let me ask you this: is there a way in which circus animals can remain as a part of the circus if they're treated better, or do you just
5:55 am
want them out of circuses completely? >> we want them out of traveling circuses. the travel, it's impossible to monitor them. it's impossible for an animal to be healthy and even approach being happy in a traveling circus. they never know anything that even resembles their natural habitat. they don't eat properly. they don't get proper rest. they don't get the proper exercise. they go on one day after another under miserable circumstances. eventually they die and that is probably the best day of their lives. it's sad, but it's true. >> brian: lastly, how is drew carey doing as your replacement? >> drew is doing fine. he's doing fine. in his fourth year now and i think that's terrific. >> gretchen: do you miss the job, bob? >> i miss the money.
5:56 am
[ laughter ] >> gretchen: you are so quick and you're involved in so many causes. >> brian: can you be a contestant now? >> i tried it and they asked me to leave. >> brian: so wrong. i'm going to see what i can do. >> gretchen: you could have won the car, if anyone could. >> i know those prices. >> gretchen: i know, you know everything and all those prices. >> eric: he has inside information. >> gretchen: no doubt. great to see you and good luck on capitol hill today. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: he's an institution. >> brian: tv legend, back in two minutes.
5:57 am
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